The Gifts of Imperfection Workshop
to Feb 24

The Gifts of Imperfection Workshop

We will use the research from Dr. Brown and brand new workbooks to help us understand what it means to "let go of who you think you're supposed to be and embrace who you are".

Lessons Include the Intentions:

1.) I will carry courage, compassion, and connection in my

heart while on this journey.

2.) We’re never more courageous than when we’re willing

to be vulnerable, to be imperfect, and to set boundaries.

3.) I will talk to myself the same way I talk to the people I


4.) I’m going to lean in and feel it all.

5.) I will practice gratitude to find joy.

6.) I will hear me.

7.) I am a creative being.

8.) I will honor the basic need for play and rest.

9.) I want to heal with calm, so I will practice calm.

10.) I will own my superpowers.

11.) Cool is an emotional straightjacket. I am going to take it


12.) My story matters because I matter.

$275 includes: The Gifts of Imperfection book // The Gifts of Imperfection Workbook // all art supplies // light morning + afternoon snacks // 30 minute post workshop 1:1 coaching session

** You will need to bring ***

1.) a picture of yourself that captures your true, authentic self. Maybe it’s a childhood picture of you before you learned to please, perfect, and perform. Maybe it’s a picture that you took last week that captures everything about you that is true and real.

2.) one or two pictures or memories of times when you could have used some compassion. Times when you were struggling, feeling alone, or “not enough.”

3.) pictures of the ordinary moments in your life that are easy to overlook but that are true sources of joy.

*Ticket Cost Includes Both Days

* You may select Saturday or Sunday on Eventbrite - your payment incudes the whole workshop (both Saturday + Sunday)

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